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Google search allows you to use specific terms to narrow your query:

  • Place a + before a word to have it included, e.g. +Apollo to locate pages that contain Apollo in them.
  • Place a - before a word to exlude pages containing that word: -Apollo
  • Place quotes around phrases to find pages containing the phrase: "landed on the moon"
  • Terms can be combined: +Apollo "landed on the moon" or -Apollo "landed on the moon"
Google indexes approximately 75% of the MadSci Archives. If you can't locate what you seek try the form to the right →
Complete MadSci Search:
Enter keywords in the Query box. Other fields let you narrow your search.

Find all of the words (AND, default)
Find any of the words (OR).
Find the exact phrase.
Case sensitive search (find NASA, not nasa).
Match whole words (find aids, not mermaids).
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Options for searching the MadSci Archives :

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Tips: 1. For a query of tiger shark - 'find all' will find all files with the words tiger and shark in them. 'Find any' will locate files with tiger or files with shark in them, while 'find exact' will only show files with tiger shark in them.
2. Don't include words such as 'and', 'the', 'is' etc.. in your search unless you are performing an exact search.

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