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1. Biochemistry: During electron transport in chlorophyll photosynthesis, what are Fd,Pq,Pc?, Lauren, undergrad Mon Sep 20 23:42:57 1999
2. Agricultural Sciences: Re: Would you get sick if you ate a potato that had 'eyes'/sprouts, Don Schaffner, Faculty, Food Science, Rutgers University Tue Nov 24 07:50:27 1998
3. Botany: Re: Can a plant live without CO2?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Tue Feb 8 20:26:08 2005
4. Agricultural Sciences: Re: We need a growing medium that has little or no nutriens., Thiam Hock, Tan, Secondary School Teacher, Science, Dunman High School Fri Jan 5 04:56:58 2001
5. Botany: What gives bread mold its blue green color if there is no chlorophyll?, Derek, 10-12 Sun Apr 25 18:35:56 2004
6. Botany: Re: What colors could I see in the chromatogram besides green turquoise and ora, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Wed Oct 11 15:48:37 2006
7. Botany: Re: How could one make a fuel cell out of chlorophyll?, John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Mon Nov 16 15:16:51 1998
8. Botany: Re: Why is pollen always green?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu Aug 23 20:52:33 2001
9. Botany: What differences in the structures of the molecules cause slight difference, Patrick Jarvis-Shean, Karen Chu, 10-12 Thu Jan 28 13:27:38 1999
10. Botany: Re: Why can pine needles carry on photosynthesis during the winter ?, Paul Odgren, Instructor, Cell Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Dept. of Cell Biology) Thu Dec 17 15:40:30 1998
11. Physics: why does a solution containing chlorophyll reflect red light, catherine, 10-12 Mon May 7 20:46:09 2001
12. General Biology: How do color solutions determine the type of light hitting a submerged aquatic plant?, Emily, undergrad Fri Mar 15 18:56:31 2013
13. Botany: Re: how/why do shade leaves grow bigger than sun leaves in a tree, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Sun Oct 10 14:13:51 2004
14. Botany: Re: why do some cell names have different names when they're the same thing?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Sun Nov 14 18:42:25 2004
15. Botany: Re: How do the amounts of fertilizer affect plant growth?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Wed Apr 17 20:07:18 2002
16. Botany : RE: Absorption Spectrum of Chlorophyll, Bruce Livingston, High School Teacher Botany/Horticulture Thu Apr 18 21:17:05 1996
17. Microbiology: Re: colors of bacteria, Jerry Eichler, university lecturer Fri Nov 6 01:11:57 1998
18. Botany: Re: in chromatography, does yellow appear before or after green?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Sun Oct 22 12:42:21 2006
19. Botany: Re: Why do plants that are growing in the dark turn yellow?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Wed Feb 1 19:53:33 2006
20. Botany: Re: How long can a plant last without sunlight?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu Oct 9 00:11:08 2003
21. Chemistry: Re: how large is a single molecule of kevlar?, David Akerman, Staff, R&D Scientist, Clear Edge Wed Nov 16 15:46:41 2005
22. Botany: Why is my germinated lemon seed green?, Andrea, nonaligned Wed Jul 4 09:01:54 2001
23. General Biology: Re: How many different colors of blood are there in the world ecosystem?, Christine Broussard, Assistant Professor of Biology Sun Apr 11 19:13:41 2004
24. Physics: Re: Temperature color and lamp, Todd Jamison, Staff, Image Science, Observera, Inc. Sat Jun 24 10:00:25 2000
25. Botany: Re: is it explosive to blend acetone +spinach leaves in a blender?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu May 25 14:10:04 2006


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