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1. Physics: Re: how does light travel... especially in a vacuum (like space...which apparently isnt a true vacuum), Gene L. Ewald, Secondary School Teacher, Retired, Amer. Assoc. of Physics Teachers Fri Jun 15 03:13:33 2007
2. Physics: Re: Why is it not possible to heat small particles (powders) in a microwave?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Fri Nov 12 20:35:20 2004
3. Computer Science: Re: What will be the future advances in communication technology?, Steve Czarnecki, senior technical staff member, Lockheed Martin Sun Dec 19 22:01:48 1999
4. Physics: Re: can microwaves be polarised?, John Dreher, Staff Astronomer, SETI Institute Tue Nov 21 18:20:31 2000
5. Physics: Re: Can you restrict electromagnetic waves to a certain size and shape?, Adrian E. Popa, Retired Laboratory Director Tue Jan 15 00:45:36 2008
6. Astronomy : Re: Why do stars have different colors?, George Delange, Secondary School Teacher Science/Math, Phoenix ZUnion High School District Tue Jan 21 00:10:13 1997
7. Engineering: Re: What metal has the highest thermal conductivity?, Joseph Weeks, President, Thermal Products, Inc. Fri Aug 27 18:15:54 1999
8. Physics: Re: VRD--argument about heat vs infra-red radiation, Gareth Evans, Senior Research Associate Tue Oct 10 16:59:16 2000
9. Physics : RE: Sound in a vacuum., Georg Hager, Grad student Theorie III Thu Jun 6 06:12:09 1996
10. Physics : Re: I need input on practical experiements using holography., Adrian Popa, Staff Optical/Microwave Physics Thu Jul 3 18:51:54 1997
11. Physics: Re: Is Relativity the Holy Grail of Physics?, Michael Wohlgenannt, PostDoc Mon Feb 16 12:39:40 2009
12. Astronomy: Re: How do I calculate the distance between Venus and earth., Phillip Henry, Staff, Physics, Lockheed Martin & Florida Tech Thu May 27 22:35:35 2004
13. General Biology: Re: Can there be aliens, they are just invisible to our eyes?, Billy Carver, Grad student, Biomedical Sciences, Vanderbilt University Sun Feb 15 13:07:32 2009
14. Physics: Can you restrict electromagnetic waves to a certain size and shape?, jake, 7-9 Sun Jan 13 10:25:04 2008
15. Astronomy: Re: Is it possible to generate and receive an gravitational field variation ?, Benjamin Monreal, Grad student, Physics, MIT Wed Feb 20 18:11:25 2002
16. Neuroscience: Re: does color, not light or electromagnetic waves, really exist?, Jeffrey Utz, Science Teacher Sun Jan 4 11:11:14 2009
17. Physics: Re: Follow up to question 1147817854.Ph, Michael Wohlgenannt, PostDoc Mon Jun 5 10:36:31 2006
18. Chemistry : What causes spontanous combustion?, Joan Rad, other Mon Jul 21 10:08:35 1997
19. Biophysics: Re: Anybody measured the body's electromagnetic signal?, Fred Moore, Staff, Dept. of Pathology (lab), Jewish Hospital Fri Sep 11 20:37:44 1998
20. Physics: What is the shape of time?, Gary Hensarling, teacher/prof Sun Jan 21 12:29:58 2001
21. Physics: Re: Can you disintegrate a molecule by playing back it's resonating frequency?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Sat Jan 22 16:58:10 2005
22. Physics: Re: how does a heat lamp work, how does the red bulb differ from regular bulbs?, Todd Jamison, Mon Feb 14 09:59:25 2000
23. Physics : Re: What is the differnce between electromagnetic and mechanical waves?, Paul Noel, Nursing and Business, Individual Wed Mar 19 16:40:12 1997
24. Physics: Re: Would it be really noisy if the vacuum of space was filled with air . . . , Peter Fichte, Faculty, Chemistry, Coker College Sun Apr 24 14:26:10 2005
25. NeuroScience : Re: INFLUENCE LOW RANGE FRIEQUENCIES (5-25 Hz) ON HUMAN BRAIN, William J Bray, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Mon Jul 21 11:21:42 1997


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