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1. Physics: Re: how does light travel... especially in a vacuum (like space...which apparently isnt a true vacuum), Gene L. Ewald, Secondary School Teacher, Retired, Amer. Assoc. of Physics Teachers Fri Jun 15 03:13:33 2007
2. Physics: Re: DOES PLASMA HAVE A FREQUENCY?, John W. Weiss, Grad Student in Planetary Science Thu Feb 28 17:40:30 2002
3. Physics: Re: Why is Bellīs theorem, and itīs practical results seen as so spectacular?, Benjamin Monreal, Grad student, Physics, MIT Sun Jun 10 21:00:13 2001
4. Physics : RE: Sound in a vacuum., Georg Hager, Grad student Theorie III Thu Jun 6 06:12:09 1996
5. Earth Sciences: Re: Why does the air temperature increase with altitude in the stratosphere?, Rick Neuherz, , meteorology, National Weather Service Sat Sep 11 17:56:43 1999
6. Physics: Re: If something has mass, does that mean it also takes up space?, Matthew Westmore, Grad student, Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton Thu Oct 19 11:20:29 2000
7. Physics : Re: Light is a particle ?, Malcolm Tobias, Graduate Student, Physics Wed Jan 8 08:35:11 1997
8. Physics: Re: Can you disintegrate a molecule by playing back it's resonating frequency?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Sat Jan 22 16:58:10 2005
9. Physics : Re: What is 'Quantum Theory?', David Barlow, Private individual, Grad education in Physics/Astrophysics and Comp. Support Wed Jan 22 17:28:06 1997
10. Astronomy : Re: What happens when something travel faster than the speed of light?, Philip Plait, Astronomer/Programmer Fri Jun 13 08:29:35 1997
11. Astronomy : RE: Star light, star bright, Mark Friedman, Undergrad, Biology Tue Mar 26 00:15:58 1996
12. Cell Biology : Re: microscope magnifications, Ricky J. Sethi, PhD Fri Jan 16 15:43:57 1998
13. Physics: Re: Why isn't violet cooler than red since it reflect more energy?, Jeff Robertson, Associate Professor of Astrophysics Thu Dec 5 09:46:32 2002
14. Earth Sciences: Re: At a magnetic pole, are you more likely to be exposed to solar radiation?, Dietmar Hildebrand, Post-doc/Fellow, Radiation Biophysics, Scientific Services Wed Apr 17 16:18:47 2002
15. Physics: Re: How can nanoscientists pick atoms up and move them about when they are not , Kevin Davies, Grad Student, Chemistry Wed Sep 26 14:42:03 2007
16. Physics: Re: Energy of light wave as function of wavelength vs. amplitude, Amber Iler, Staff, Research Scientist, Veridian Systems, Inc. Wed Sep 24 08:39:36 2003
17. Physics: Re: If light is a wave, what is its medium?, Georg Hager, Grad student, Theoretical Particle Physics Wed Apr 15 05:38:51 1998
18. Astronomy: Re: How deeply into the Sun can we see and What are we actually seeing? , Peter Thejll, Staff, Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Sun Jul 23 04:44:20 2006
19. Physics: Is it possible to assume Light a compression wave of Photons ?, Birol, grad (science) Sat Jun 9 05:15:15 2012
20. Physics: re4:Do other fields also bend where materials of different densities meet?, Roman r., 10-12 Thu Jun 15 19:39:05 2006
21. Astronomy: Re: are ultrahigh energy cosmic rays a threat to life on earth from 60mly?, Benjamin Monreal, Grad student, Physics, MIT Thu Mar 31 11:54:01 2005
22. Physics: Re: Is there a method for the creation of super low frequancy lasers?, Bart Broks, Grad student, Department of Applied Physics Tue Jun 20 15:31:22 2006
23. Earth Sciences: Re: Why and how does wind accelerate as it flows over a mountain or ridge?, Jason Goodman, Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tue Mar 16 14:19:04 1999
24. Physics: Re: Do forces establish themselves faster than the speed of light?, Ken Wharton, Post-doc, Laser/Plasma Physics Wed Jun 6 18:02:17 2001
25. Physics: Re: is it possible to compress light?, Michael Richmond, Faculty, Physics, Rochester Institute of Technology Mon Mar 13 19:17:34 2006


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