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1. Physics: Re: How to describe x-ray in metal?Wave or particle?, Steve Nelson, research physicist Tue Oct 17 08:16:10 2006
2. Physics: Re: Why is there a vacuum inside an electron gun (or CRT)?, Fred M. Niell, III, Grad student, Physics, Univ. of Michigan Tue Mar 12 13:44:33 2002
3. Cell Biology: Re: Why does food coloring enter a potato in salt water?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Mon Dec 22 23:53:54 2008
4. Physics: Re: Why does the sunrise look brighter than the sun set in the desert?, John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Thu Nov 5 19:16:54 1998
5. Astronomy: Re: Why is the sky dark at night?, Bruce Lobitz, M.D., Emergency Physician Wed Dec 30 12:30:39 1998
6. Chemistry: What causes the green light in the sky., Arjen, 10-12 Thu Jan 22 05:42:31 2004
7. Astronomy: Re: What color is the sun in space?, Evan Dorn, Grad student, Computational and Neural Systems, California Inst. Of Technology/ JPL Mon Dec 13 16:49:03 1999
8. Astronomy: Re: Why does the moon look yellow sometimes and white somtimes?, Nick Hoffman, Oil and Gas Exploration Geophysics - Melbourne, Australia Tue Feb 9 16:22:46 1999
9. Physics: Re: Why isn't indigo considered a color of the visible spectrum anymore?, John Link, Physics Fri Oct 13 15:41:07 2000
10. Astronomy: Re: why can I sometimes see the moon during daylight hours?, Lew Gramer, MIT S.B. Math (Theoretical) Thu Feb 8 16:22:00 2001
11. Earth Sciences : why is the sky blue?, David, 4-6 Sat Nov 23 19:33:47 1996
12. Cell Biology: Re: Do we really understand the resting membrane potential?, Ewen McLaughlin, Lecturer, Chemistry, Swansea College Mon Oct 27 03:03:37 2003
13. Physics: Re: Why does the dust always billow up behind a car on a dirt road?, Roy T. Maloney, Grad student, ballistic parachutes, Dropzone: Skyhook 5 Wed Feb 2 07:11:16 2000
14. : No subject, ,
15. Engineering: Re: Small clothings in washing machine always end up in the bed sheet, why ?, Ken Johnsen, MadSci Admin Mon Sep 6 22:19:51 1999
16. Earth Sciences: Re: It has been said that the glacial ice that is blue in color is due to the l, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Fri Aug 29 21:18:01 2003
17. Physics: Re: Why are some clouds black and others white?, John Link, Physics Fri Sep 24 09:19:57 1999
18. Physics : Re: I was taught that the colors of the rainbow match ROY G BIV. , Dacian Bonta, Grad student in Medical Physics, University of Chicago Mon Jan 13 15:05:53 1997
19. Physics: Re: Why isn't violet cooler than red since it reflect more energy?, Jeff Robertson, Associate Professor of Astrophysics Thu Dec 5 09:46:32 2002
20. Earth Sciences: What experiments can be used to show why the sky is blue?, Peita, 10-12 Tue Apr 24 21:23:15 2001
21. Astronomy: Re: Are there any known objects that orbit perpendicular to the galactic plane?, Joseph Lazio, Radio Astronomer Tue Aug 12 22:11:24 2008
22. Earth Sciences: Re: In miles, when does the earth's atmosphere change from blue to black?, In Koo Kim, Physical Atmospheric Chemistry Wed Jun 16 13:03:34 2004
23. Physics: I am looking for an experiment that explains why the sky is blue. , Kathy Bergman, other Fri Feb 13 21:59:48 1998
24. Earth Sciences: Re: Why is it rare to see a purple or pink sunset?, Richard Goode, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Porterville College Wed Nov 28 20:03:20 2001
25. Physics: Re: If a computer screen is shown on television, it appears to flicker. Why?, Michael L. Roginsky, Staff, Avionics, Honeywell Defense Avionics Wed Jun 6 12:51:59 2001


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