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Re: how can you ripen apples after picking

Date: Mon Aug 28 14:42:35 2000
Posted By: Alfred Bushway, Professor of Food Science
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 966714498.Ag

Hi Kris,

Fruits can be divived into two groups: (1) nonclimacteric fruits, which are not capable of continuing their ripening process once removed from the plant, and (2) climacteric fruits, which can be harvested mature and ripened off of the plant. Fortunately, apples are climacteric and if mature can be ripened after picking. As with tomatoes, placing the apples in a brown paper bag and closing should promote ripining. The apples will continue to respire while in the bag, producing ethylene gas , which will promote ripening. The apples will not become any larger, and the flavor may not be exactly the same as those that are ripened on the tree. They should be suitable for apple pies, sauce, etc. I hope this answers your questions.


Al Bushway
Professor of Food Science

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