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Re: When we cut down trees, does it hurt them? Can they feel pain?

Date: Thu May 1 18:41:33 2003
Posted By: David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1051744604.Bt

There is no reason to expect that trees feel pain when they are cut down 
because plants lack brains and a nervous system. However, plants can respond 
when they are wounded by blocking off the vascular system at the site of the 
wound. Pruning a plant also causes changes in growth, such as allowing growth 
of lateral buds (overcoming apical dominance).

Plants can also be considered intelligent because they respond to their 
environment. Botany Professor Tony Trewavas has written on plant intelligence.

There are many good reasons for reducing meat consumption in the human diet, 
including the following:
1. It takes up to 10 times more land to feed people with meat than to feed them 
with plant crops so eating animals is less eficient than eating plants.
2. Many serious diseases are linked to a diet high in red meat including E. 
coli, salmonella, heart disease, mad cow disease and some cancers.
3. Domestic animals cause massive amounts of water pollution, displace native 
animals, damage soil and trample native plants.
4. Most Americans eat too few fruits and vegetables in their diet and thus get 
suboptimal amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and beneficial phytochemicals.


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