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Subject: Are “Earth Batteries” Telluric current Transformers/Accumulators ?

Date: Fri Dec 3 21:48:19 2004
Posted by Birol
Grade level: grad (science) School: Independent Researcher
City: Stutgartt State/Province: BW Country: Germany
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1102132099.Ph

Nathan Stubblefield who did investigations on Earth electricity and on his 
special vocal radio built a special device, an earthed electrode, which drew 
up enough natural electric charge from the earth to operate motors, pumps, arc 
lumps, and all the components of his ground telephone system.
There was a definite trigger by which this energy was stimulated and 
maintained. Presumably, a stimulating impulse shock was introduced into the 
coil, after which the upwelling electrical ground response brought powerful 
currens into the coil.

Is it possible to draw up enough natural electric charge from the earth 
with “Earth Batteries” ? Is it possible to define Earth Batteries as telluric 
current accumulators/transformers ? Is it possible to siphon the earth 
electricity by triggering these telluric currents (creation a magnifying 
effect) with the principle of the electromagnetic induction (For example with 
AM effects, or Tesla’s grounded antenna system ? Can we define this effect 
also as : Resonant Amplification of telluric energy ? How is the simplest way 
to create this effect ? 

Main Reference :

Gerry Vassilatos, Lost Science,Adventures Unlimited Press

Re: Are “Earth Batteries” Telluric current Transformers/Accumulators ?

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