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Subject: Silver Oxide = Silver(I)Oxide and also Silver(II)Oxide why?

Date: Tue Nov 22 05:32:40 2005
Posted by Terry Hieindrich
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City: Sydney State/Province: NSW Country: Australia
Area of science: Chemistry
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Silver Oxide seems to exist in at least two forms. The Silver(I)Oxide and Silver
(II)oxide. What does the (I) and the (II) stand for???
I have seen silver peroxide (Ag-0-0) stated as a black powder that is sold 
definitely as Ag0? However it is Ag20 chemically.
  However silver(II)oxide, which is sold as Ag0 also, and also is a black 

To further confuse things  Silver per oxide, which is sold as Ag0, and is a 
black powder and is really (Ag -0-0) was found to consist of 4 Ag atoms and 
4 oxygen atoms in 1999 with x-ray diffraction.

This is said to explain its properties for batteries.
How do you know what SilverOxide to buy if you want to play with silver oxide 
batteries??? with the xray diffraction of 4 Ag AND 4 Oxygen atoms.
The reason here is the Ag0 lable which seems to be afixed to any of the two 

Re: Silver Oxide = Silver(I)Oxide and also Silver(II)Oxide why?

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