Annotated Images

Left Right The following images have been interactively annoted. Click on the image or hypertext keypoints to learn about a given structure.

Transverse Sections:
  1. Section through the head, at the level of the eye.
  2. Section through the thorax
  3. Section through the abdomen
  4. Section through the Pelvis.
  5. Cross-section through the thigh
Coronal Sections:
  1. Section through the face, demonstrating the air sinuses.
  2. Anterior thorax
Other Images
  1. X-ray of a child's hand and wrist.
  2. Abdominal MRI scan, coronal plane
  3. Electron Micrograph - Small intestinal crypt of Lieberkühn
  4. EM of segmented filamentous bacteria associated with mouse ileum
Flow Cytometry Tutorial: Learn the basics of cell populations found in peripheral blood and leukemias.
  1. Peripheral Blood Cell populations by Forward X Side Scatter.
  2. Lymphoid markers in peripheral blood

Enigma Engine #43: Find Your Favorite Organ

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