MadSci FAQ: Careers in Science

Here are some selected files that discuss careers in science.

General Information

    What is a scientist?
    How can I find out about science careers?
    Could you tell me about working as a research scientist?
    Why do scientists publish the results of their work in scientific journals?
    How are scientists creative?
    What does a scientist do?

What is it like to be..

An Astronomer
    What is the typical job of an astronomer?
    Would Cosmology be good career to go into? (original question)
    Working with black holes and such.
    What are the best schools for majoring in astronomy?
    Careers in NASA operations.

A Chemist
    Could you tell me about careers in chemistry?
    What type of benefits does a job as a chemist offer?
    What kind of job does and organic or inorganic chemist have?

An Engineer
What does a physical chemist do? are the jobs for people with a PhD in Computer science or engineering?

A Physicist
    Physics as a career? (original question)
    How can I prepare to become a nuclear physicist?

Careers in the Biological Sciences

Working in biology and medicine.
    Is working in biochemistry a good career?
    Questions for a medical scientist.
    Can a medical student travel to secluded areas and work outside of a lab?
    What attracted you to psychology?
    How do I become a virologist?
    What classes would be essential for a career in genetic engineering?

Working with animals
    What is it like to be a verterinarian?
    What is it like to be a zoologist? (from Kelleen Flaherty)
    What is it like to be a zoologist? (from Tim Susman)
    Can I interview a zoologist? (original question)
    Is zoology a good career?
    Do zoologists actually work with sick animals?

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