MadSci FAQ: Life


Perhaps instead of calling this a list of Frequently Asked Questions about life, its origins and meanings, it should be renamed the list of Frequently Offered Opinions on life, its origins and meanings. Empirical as we try to be, it is easy to wax poetic when faced with a philosophical subject.

The Big Questions:
Where do things come from?
What is the meaning of life?
What is life? Are we organized chemicals or marked by something else?
The little Questions:
How does a living organism differ from fire???
Is there any reason why life couldn't not need water?
Why are scientists today not vitalists?
How does the orderly process of life go against entropy?
How do tRNA and mRNA's get to the ribosomes?
What is Terrestrial Life?
I know how DNA was first created but how did the cell first occur?
Which specimen first appeared in the fossil record?
What elements make up the human body? (more here)
Is there Extraterrestrial Life?
Due to any type of DNA found on planets, does that mean there is life there?
Other worlds where H2S serves in place of H20?
Why do we focus on just earth conditions to determine other forms of life?

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