Nail Polish

For some reason, nail polish has become a very popular science fair topic recently.  While we greatly appreciate all your questions, we suspect that the following list  of archived answers will provide you with some key information faster than we can one-by-one.

What is in nail polish?
Fingernail polish science fair?
What are the ingredients in fingernail polish?
What chemical in nail polish causes it to dry fast?
What chemicals affect nail polish durability?
What gives nail polish a colour?
Why are chemicals like ethyl acetate needed in nail polish?
Note: We do not know the exact recipe because it is a trade secret.

What is in fingernail polish remover?
How does nail polish remover remove nail polish?
Will nail polish remover "melt" styrofoam?

Where can I learn more?
The chemistry section of our Mad Library can direct you to the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association for help.
Search the United States Patent & Trademark Office for nail polish patents.
Search Google for "solvent-based paints" or "cosmetics" for links like this one about Cosmetic Ingredients.

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