Without it, *how* would you eat? Here are some answers to questions we frequently receive concerning the digestive system.

What are 'hunger pains' and why do I have them when I'm not hungry?
What is the name of the noise your stomach makes when it growls?
How long does it take food to go through you?
What is the efficiency of digesting food?
What happens if a part of our digestive system fails?

The Stomach
How is HCl produced in the stomach?
Indigestion/stomach acid (answer)
How much acid is in the stomach?
What would be a safe liquid to use to reproduce stomach acid?
What are the pH levels in the stomach during a titration of saliva & food?
Why isn't the stomach eaten by the acid it secretes?
What prevents pepsin from digesting the walls of the stomach?
Why does my stomach growl?
Why do you vomit bile if it's produced downstream of the stomach?

Why are our intestines so long?
What amount of mucus does the average person produce daily?
What causes the pain in my side when I run or jog for too long?
How long does it take to digest bubblegum?
Beneficial bacteria within the body.
What are the chemical reactions behind flatulence?
Why are feces always brown?

Why do people have an appendix?
What was the appendix used for?
How do other animal species use the cecum for digestion?
What is the chemical mechanism behind flatulence?

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