As an adjunct to MadSci Network, MAD labs is pleased to bring you the following items of interest and intrigue..

The Random Knowledge Generator

Let Random Enigma Engine #849 unselectively select a group of files from our archives for your perusal.

Softly | Seething | Teeming | Tintinnabulation

The Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive

A collection of demonstrations illustrating various concepts in science. Most experiments should require little more than a quick rummaging through the kitchen cabinets. After all, science should be fun.. science should be edible..

The Visible Human: A Guided Tour

Take a trip through some of the digitized images from the Visible Human Project. Includes animations and 'interactively annotated images. Meant for a high school level and up.

MAD Scientists..

Meet some of the members of the network (currently in development). A general list of all participating members is also available.

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