MadSci FAQ: Colours

All about Colors

It wouldn't be a forum for scientific questions without spending a good deal of time explaining and discussing colors. To visit some of the other sites on electromagnetic radiation, check out our Physics Library. Or, for more information on the eyes and brain, there are several excellent links in the Neuroscience Library.

What is light?
Light waves
photon thickness?
Inherent connection between Electiric and Magnetic ie. electromagnetism?
More on Electromagnetic waves
More on the nature of light
What is color?
What color is made of the most colors and why?
How do atoms of an object absorb or reflect photons/light to give color?
Colors; wavelengths not adding up for me
why do we view red as the hottest color but hottest stars are blue
What are the colors of the rainbow?
Why do the colors of the rainbow occur where they do?
Why is indigo not in the rainbow any more?
How are colors like green-blue reflected if they are not in the rainbow?
How do I measure wavelength blocked of transparent colored plastic?
What gives things their color?
What chemical properties cause things to be perceived a certain color?
Can you formulate what color a molecule will reflect if only given its....
Do individual atoms exhibit the characteristics of color?
When colour fades where does it go?
How do they make the color white?
How can you measure the amount of pigment in plants
Does pure water has colour?
Changing color paint
Why are picture positives the oposite color of picture negatives?
More on the colors of fruits and vegetables, leaves, lobsters, blood, and muscles
How do we perceive colors?
Brain confuses the words of colors with the color each word is written in??
Which gender remember colors better?
Why do you see the complementary colors after you stare?
Color blindness
More specific answers about the colors red, yellow, blue, purple, and brown

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