Growing bacteria from...

Third only to the effects of caffeine on plants, and how to grow bread mold, "How do I grow bacteria from X?" figures as a common question regarding school science-fair projects. We include links to answers regarding the culturing of bacteria from environmental sources, the skin and hands, and the mouth, before and after using mouthwash.

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Isolating bacteria in different environments
What is the best way to test for bacteria around my high school.
What type of household bacteria are found on sinks/faucets?
Where would I find out what types of bacteria grow on computer keyboards?
Bacteria in yoghurt
Why do feet stink?
Can you name 3 decomposers?
Which is worse, public telephone germs or germs on public toilet seats?

Effect of hand soaps on bacteria.
How affective are antiseptic soaps?
Growing bacteria (effect of disinfectants; original question)

Effect of mouthwash and toothpaste on bacterial species.
Mouthwash and bacteria
Using toothpaste to combat bacterial growth.
How many bacteria are removed when you brush your teeth?
Effects of sugar on teeth?
What sort of bacteriocide do I use for toothpaste?

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