Show me some Bacteria!

Bacteria are by far-and-away the most numerous inhabitants of planet earth. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked about microbes. More information can be found in the microbiology section of the MadSci Library, or by querying our search engine for your favorite microbe.

Symbiotic methanotropes living in marine mussels
New life form near deep sea ocean vent?
Escherichia coli
Is there more than one coliform bacteria? if so what are some of them?
How does E. coli K-12 grow?
How do benefical E.coli get into a baby's digestive system?
Development of E. coli in human intestines
E. coli normally found in the colon, so why is it dangerous?
E. coli strain O-157
Helicobacteri pylori, the "ulcer bug"
Helicobacter pylori, how do we get it?
Mycobacteria (causes of tuberculosis and leprosy)
How close are we to a TB vaccine?
Mycoplasmas (wall-less bacteria)
What are Aphragmabacteria?
Streptococcal species
Why doesn't streptococcus kill you when you eat it?

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