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Re: How does E. coli (k12) grow

Date: Mon Nov 30 12:28:43 1998
Posted By: David Beck, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 912106539.Mi

All things that are living require a few things in  order to grow.
1. A source of nutrients
2. proteins that allow them to convert those nutrients into useful energy and 
building blocks.
3. proteins that convert these building blocks into other proteins, and DNA/RNA
4. a way to get rid of waste products, waste products are toxic to the organiism 
if they are not removed somehow.

So essentially how E.coli grows is that it uptakes nutreints from the 
environment. After taking up these nutrients it converts them into energy and 
building blocks. The availability of these building blocks allow it to build 
other proteins and such, as well as allow it to make copies of its DNA with 
proteins that it has that help do these things. After the cell has finished 
copying its DNA it divides with the help of proteins that specialize in this 
activity, using energy from the nutrients it took up from the environment. Now 
it has gone from bein one cell to two. Of course the E. coli is always taking up 
nutrients ans getting rid of waste products, and thus is able to keep growing.

Best Wishes,
David Beck

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