While this topic is not the best for dinner table conversation, most of us have experienced this process at one time or another. And a lot of us have questions about why it happens, how it works, etc.  So here are a few answers that we hope will help satisfy your curiosity:  

General questions about vomiting
How do you make yourself throw up?
Why is vomit green?
Why do we throw up when we have a concussion or when we are drunk?
What happens: the physiology of vomiting
Why do we sweat when we regurgitate (puke)?
Why do you vomit bile when it is produced "downstream" of the stomach?
Can a frog survive being swallowed then vomited by a cat?
What are some other words for "vomit"?

Why do people vomit?
What factors stimulate vomiting, and what are the consequences?
Definition of bulimia nervosa
How does anorexia or any other eating disorder affect a developing baby?

Where can I learn more?
Yucky: Vomit
Definition of anorexia nervosa
Something Fishy - website on eating disorders
Internet Mental Health on Eating Disorders, including medical complications

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