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MadSci Network is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting science literacy and encouraging an interest in science, both at the K-12 level, and in the general population. All pages within MadSci Network will have or its IP address as the server address, and no tilde (~) in the path of the URL. Paths containing a tilde refer to home pages of some scientists participating in the administration of the site.

When visiting MadSci Network we may record information regarding the materials accessed. This information is not sold nor shared with third parties, or make publically available, unless you enter specific information on our ask-a-question form (see below).

All hits to and internal processes on generate the following information in our server logs:

We use this information in the following manner: In addition, many pages on our site link to Google's web search for non-profit organizations. These search results are delivered by the site, and will redirect you to content on unless you select the option on Google's query form to search the entire WWW. is not responsible for content located on other websites.

Please read Google's Privacy Policy for how these transactions are handled.

Asking Questions

For individuals asking questions, we may record the following information: MadSci Network participates in the Virtual Reference Desk (VRD), an organization of volunteer librarians who assist Internet patrons. MadSci forwards occasional questions to the VRD, particularly those asking about where to find information, how to use a library, or covering non-science topics. The information you provide on our question form will be forwarded to the VRD.

Information submitted on the ask-a-question form may be used in the following manner(s):

More information about Internet Privacy can be found at the US Federal Trade Commission.

If you have further questions concerning this policy, please contact us at

Last modified 9/21/2005
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