• The Visible Human: Take a trip down the aorta, or through the inner reaches of the brain.

  • Since you're already here, why not visit MAD labs’ Guided Tour of the Visible Human

  • Virtual Frog Dissection: at Lawrence Berkeley Labs - lets you view short clips of an animated frog from different angles to see internal organs and other structures.

  • The Human Heart: An interactive guide to the heart at the Franklin Institute.

  • Anatomy Course Notes: at U. Leeds, Information (mostly in text) covers all organ systems at an introductory level. Also includes course notes on human evolution.


    The Anatomy Coloring Book: Wynn Kapit & Lawrence Elson. Provides pictures and rigorous treatment of the body's muscles, bones and organs in the guise of a coloring book.
    Harper Collins Publishers. ISBN - 0-0645-5016-8 (1993).

    Also, the related Physiology Coloring Book which provides a thorough overview of the physiology (function) of different organ systems.

    Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank Netter. A commonly used atlas in human anatomy courses.

    USENET Groups

    bionet.general occasionally pursues topics in anatomy.
    bionet.biology.cardiovascular is a reasonable forum for asking questions about the heart and circulation.

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