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Welcome to the MadSci Library, an excellent starting point for exploring science resources on the WWW. Click on the links in the left-most frame to load pages into this space.

  • The General pages cover topics such as museums, USENET science groups, and free search engines you can use to locate science sites on the web.
  • The Science pages cover specific subjects. Each page organizes links into the following categories:

    1. Sites with interesting and useful information.
    2. Other Ask-A-Scientist services.
    3. Links concerning careers.
    4. Relevant WWW Virtual Libraries.
    5. Relevant USENET groups.
    6. Books on the subject, for fun or for reference.

    If you're in search of information on a specific topic, we describe how to locate information on the WWW using the many available (and free) search engines. These searches are quick and easy to do, and can provide you with many sites that have useful information. In addition, the pages in the MadSci Libe may be searched.

    WWW Virtual Libraries
    The WWW Virtual Library was started as a means for cataloging online information in various topics, science and otherwise. The library home page lives at CERN in Switzerland, but sites around the globe maintain the individual listings.

    Another good place to search for information is the US Library of Congress which maintains online databases of its card catalog.

    About the Library
    The links within the pages represent sites recommended by the people answering questions on our site, and ones discovered via the random excursions of the network administrators.

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