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Subject: Whose mouth has more germs in it, mine or my dog's.

Date: Thu Feb 5 06:05:57 1998
Posted by Kyle Godby
Grade level: 4-6
School: Faith Baptist School
City: Fredericksburg State/Province: VA
Country: USA
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 886680357.Mi

I have the petri dish and agar. I think I can just swab each mouth and then see which one grows more germs. I have not been able to find any research to tell me how many germs I should expect to grow in either mouth. I can find the definition of germs and have done so. I was wondering if there is more research out there that I have not found. I've been searching. That's how I found you!

Re: Whose mouth has more germs in it, mine or my dog's.

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