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Subject: Fingerprints ,are they coded and controlled by genes?

Date: Tue Jul 21 07:06:02 1998
Posted by Patrick Pezeshkian
Grade level: grad (science)
School: The English School
City: nicosia State/Province: No state entered.
Country: cyprus
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 901022762.Me

 We know that fingerprints are specific for each individual and that 
no two persons have the same fingerprints.Having this in mind then do 
 identical twins who are genotypicaly identical ( nature's way of 
cloning) have the same fingerprint??? .If they do not, this means that 
fingerprints are not coded by genes so if they are not gene controlled 
then how come when one gets a cut or abrasion on his/her hand or 
finger the same fingerprints resume after the wound has healed itself?

Thank you very much.

Re: Fingerprints ,are they coded and controlled by genes?

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