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Subject: Benificial bacteria

Date: Wed Jul 22 13:06:40 1998
Posted by Carly Lyon
Grade level:
School: life
City: brooklin State/Province: maine
Country: usa
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 901130800.Mi

1)  I would like to know which types of benificial bacteria reside in 
which parts of the GI tract.  I understand that 
lactobacilus/acidophilus is supposed to live in the small intestine 
and bulgaricus/bifodus in the large intestine but I cannot find really 
positive clarification on this on the web.

2) If someone ingests acidopholus cultures through the mouth, how do 
they make it to the small intestine through all that acid in the 
stomach. Has anyone done any tests to see if these orally delivered 
cultures actually reach their destination and then do they proliferate 
once they arrive.

3) Likewise, do analy introduced cultures contiue to multiply in the 

Thank you,


Re: Benificial bacteria

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