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Subject: Science fair bread mold

Date: Thu Jan 14 11:35:23 1999
Posted by Ben Bradley
Grade level: 4-6
School: St. John Middle School
City: Plaquemine State/Province: LA
Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 916335323.Mi

Hello, I am doing a science fair project on bread mold and have I have a few questions to ask.

So far I have taken 7 different types of bread (white, white wheat, whole wheat, potato, rye, oat bran and kitchen rolls) and put mold on each type from and already infected piece of moldy bread. I put them in a ziploc bag, with 8 drops of water, sealed them and put them in a box in a kitchen drawer. I will be checking the bread daily and recording how much mold has grown on a graph.

One bread is advertised as "Stays Fresher Longer".

Some are advertised as "no artificial preservitaves".

1. What is the difference between calcium propionate and potassium bromate? They are listed as the preservatives. Some breads have neither, one bread has both and most breads only contain the calcium propionate.

2. Why are some breads advertising "Bromate Free". Is bromate unhealthy?

3. How do I know what type of mold is on the bread? Can I look this up somewhere? The sample we got off the moldy bread was dark green, thick, and we saw spore clouds released as I removed the mold with a Q-Tip.

My hypothosis is that breads with preservatives will make the mold grow slower.

I would be very much appreciative if you would reply.

Re: Science fair bread mold

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