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Subject: Bread mold project with rhizopus spores

Date: Thu May 27 10:05:54 1999
Posted by Yoko Murakami
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Area of science: Microbiology
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Hi, I am doing a bread mold project, where we are taking pieces
of bread, spreading rhizopus spores on them and placing them in
different areas such as, dark, light, heat, and the fridge. We
weigh them every day in grams. So far each of our weights have
been decreasing and I was wondering if you could tell me why.
And I was also wondering if you could tell which of my four
areas are best for Bread Mold growing, and any other addition
information that would help me.
                  Yoko Murakami

Re: Bread mold project with rhizopus spores

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