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Re: Do you have any idea if music will affect the growth rate of mold?

Date: Wed Jan 5 08:25:06 2000
Posted By: Charlene Wolf-Hall, Faculty, Food Science
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 946431869.Gb

Hi Niki,

What a unique project. I have never read a study looking at the effect of music on mold growth. I would suggest that you have one treatment not exposed to music as a control. Try to keep all other factors, such as inoculum amount, light, moisture, type of bread and temperature as consistant between treatments as possible. The tricky part will be determining if there are significant differences between your treatments. A visual comparison may not be quite enough. Another test you could do is measure the amount of starch left/gram of bread after your experiment is done. This will tell you how much was consumed by the mold under the different treatments.

Good luck with this project. I would love to hear what your results turn out like. Who knows; you may stumble onto a new non-chemical food preservative method.

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