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Re: which bread grows mold faster wheat,white or sourdough

Date: Sun Jun 22 19:32:55 2003
Posted By: Edward Balkovic, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Quality Control), Genzyme Corporation
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1051034953.Mi


You have asked a very broad question, which has a large number of 
variables.  Therefore, I cannot give you an "answer" to your question.

To obtain a scientifically valid result during an experiment you need to 
restrict yourself to only one variable.

Therefore, you would need to know some of the following to try to get to 
an answer.

1. It would depend what types of molds are naturally found on each type of 
bread and what are their growth rates.

2. Would different incubation temperatures effect the mold growth for each 
type of bread?

3. What receipe / formula would you use for each type of bread?

I would recommend that you try to do your own experiment.

Take a fresh slice of each type of bread from a commercial loaf and place 
them in a clear plastic container.  Use a large enough container so you 
can lay out each slice, so you can visully observe them daily.  I would 
leave the container at room temperature.  

Before you seal the container, you might want to add a small cup of water, 
to keep the breads moist.

Record your observations daily for a couple of weeks.

You should then be able to generate some data to answer your own question.

Good Luck,
Ed Balkovic, Ph.D.

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