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Re: what is math. probability of a single living cell arising spontaneously

Date: Fri Dec 7 16:20:04 2001
Posted By: David B. Hull, Ph.D., Faculty, CIS/TCM, DeVry Institute of Technology
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 1007199522.Ev


I had never encountered the term "Borel's
upper limit" before, so I did a Web search
using Google

As you can see, only two URLs popped up. Both
of these are Creationist sites and both misuse
the mathematics involved. Obviously even extremely
improbable events do occur. If you happen to be
the sentient result of such an extremely unlikely event,
such as life on earth, it may seem to you impossible.
Note in Chaitin's presentation he remarks that
"God does play dice in physics"!

Here is a URL explaining why Goedel's Incompleteness
Theorem makes the mathematical argument invalid.

Furthermore, the question itself is misleading. Single
cells did not appear magically but evolved from earlier
proteins and amino acids.
Here is a reference on the origins of life on earth.

Lastly here are some responses to Creationist arguments.

Please understand, I am not trying to bash religion. In 
fact I am very fond of the work of Teilhard de Chardin
who manages to merge Theology and Science. Here is a
URL on him and his work.


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