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Subject: What are the chemical mechanisms behind flatulence?

Date: Wed Feb 10 12:16:57 1999
Posted by Rick Paggao
Grade level: undergrad
School: Brandon University
City: Brandon State/Province: Manitoba
Country: Canada
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 918670617.Bc

I am doing a research seminar on the biochemistry of flatulence 
and am having a hard time finding material about the actual 
chemical mechanisms involved.  Can you help me?  I would also 
like to find out the chemical mechanisms involved with  
preventative medicines such as Beano.  Thanks!!  I look forward 
to a response.
My e-mail address has a dollar sing at the start  of it but it 
does not recognize the character when I try to submit it.

Re: What are the chemical mechanisms behind flatulence?

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