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Re: how is catalase used in industry?

Date: Tue Mar 16 09:54:20 1999
Posted By: Alvan Hengge, Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Utah State University
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 921010078.Gb

There are two longtime industrial uses of catalase that I am familiar with.  
It is used in conjunction with another enzyme, glucose oxidase, for 
treatment of food wrappers to prevent the oxidation and associated 
deterioration of food.  Catalase is also used to remove traces of hydrogen 
peroxide in the process of cold sterilization .  Cold sterilization is the 
preservation of milk and cheese by treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

There are many other patented uses of catalase; I’m not aware of the extent to which these are used in industry. You can find these patents by doing a keyword search in an on-line patent database for the term “catalase.” You can do free patent abstract searching by keyword of all patents issued since the mid 1970’s at a couple of sites; one site is maintained by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and IBM provides another. The URL’s are: and

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