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Subject: What's the use of fingerprints?

Date: Sat Aug 25 15:33:51 2001
Posted by Hakan
Grade level: nonaligned School: none
City: Vallingby State/Province: none Country: Sweden
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 998768031.An

I've heard that only humans have fingerprints. Apes have much simpler patterns 
on their fingertips, as did our distant ancestors (experts are said to be able 
to tell if a piece of stone age pottery is fake by looking at the fingerprints).

If this is true - why did fingerprints develop? Darwinists tell us that all 
traits exist only because they are useful and give a reproductory advantage. 
What is the use of fingerprints?

Re: What's the use of fingerprints?

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