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Re: How do you test for mycotoxins in bread?

Date: Mon Feb 7 08:45:24 2005
Posted By: Charlene Wolf-Hall, Faculty, Food Science & Food Safety
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1107342856.Mi

Hi Chong,

This is a good idea, but keep in mind that not all molds that grow on 
bread produce mycotoxins.  For those that do, they often don't start 
producing mycotoxins until they are well established and conditions are 
just right.  

Detection of low levels of mycotoxins usually requires fairly 
sophisticated equipment. There are antibody-antigen based detection kits 
on the market, but their limits of detection are may not be low enough for 
what you are proposing.  It may be much more practicle to detect other 
indicators of mold than the mycotoxins themselves. 

The Europeans have a good website with discussions on mycotoxins and links 
to information on detection and quantification methods. This can be found 

Hope that helps.

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