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Re: Which basic fingerprint pattern, loop, arch, or whorl is common in genders?

Date: Tue Jan 31 09:49:53 2006
Posted By: Crystal Ellison, Undergraduate, Pre-med, Human Biology, University of Kansas
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1138306797.An

I have not researched in depth the incidence of determining gender or race 
using fingerprints.  I have studied in great detail Cranial and pelvic 
differences between genders and races.  Fingerprint patterns are 
influenced by genetic and environmental factors in utero (which means 
inside the mother's womb), because of the environmental factors, identical 
twins have similar but not exact fingerprints.  There is no specific 
correlation between gender and fingerprint patterns.  Between races, 
studies have shown that within closed populations (for example Australia 
aborigines or South African bushmen) there are certain instances of higher 
percentages of patterns, but that is only within closed populations which 
most likely results from genetic endoreproduction (i.e. not reproducing 
with outsiders, just keeping it within a certain population).  Therefore, 
it is safe to assume that by looking at one fingerprint, one cannot tell 
race or gender.  I unfortunately was not able to find many internet 
resources involving fingerprint development between genders, however this 
website goes into further detail on the closed population instance of 
patterns. I hope that helps.  If you are interested in forensic 
identification of gender or race, I used to teach a class in forensic 
anthropology when I was in high school and would be more than happy to 
answer any other questions. 

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