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Subject: Please explain color for the uninitiated.

Date: Tue May 15 13:45:57 2001
Posted by Franco
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City: Houston State/Province: Tx Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
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I understand that "color" is the interaction between light (or radiant energy), 
the surface upon which light falls, and the reflection that we see with our 
eyes. In other words, an apple is red because its skin will absorb all 
frequencies but reflect only red. A friend of mine contends that color is 
independent of light. Even in the complete absence of light (or other radiant 
energy), the apple will still be red. My position is that, without light, there 
is no color. I would even go as far as saying that without eyes there is no 
color. How can this be explained better? Many thanks!

Re: Please explain color for the uninitiated.

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