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Subject: What chemical in nail polish causes it to dry fast?

Date: Tue Oct 19 10:58:12 1999
Posted by Megan Weber
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I previously submitted the attached question and was told a similar answer 
already existed on your site.  Thanks for your reply.  I have checked all 
the places  you suggested.  I now
know typical ingredients, what keeps it from chipping,  what makes polish 
and what makes up a fingernail.  I also saw that nails get dry because the
solvent in them evaporates.  What I don't understand is which ingredients 
the solvent, and why some evaporate or dry faster than other brands.  Can 
please help me with this, or tell me where to look to find the answer?



> I am doing a science fair project on which nail polish dries fastest.  I am
> having trouble finding out which ingredient is responsible for this.  The
> manufacturers claim it it top secret.  Can you help me out.  Thanks  Megan

Re: What chemical in nail polish causes it to dry fast?

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