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Subject: can frog survive being swallowed then vomited by a cat?

Date: Thu Oct 2 18:32:51 1997
Posted by gayle spencer
Grade level: nonaligned
School: life
City: titusville State/Province: fl.
Country: usa
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 875835171.Zo

I swear this is a true story that happened to me this morning(10-2-97) My cat was acting strange meowing and not able to settle down,about 15 min. later a noticed he had vomited. I cleaned it up with paper towel and as I glance down I am looking at the underside of a frog,I turn frog over and he seems almost flattened,As I am carrying this vomit, grass, and frog mixture to the rubbish the frog BLINKS.I rush the frog outside and wash him off repeatedly with warm water and he HOPS away.I am so startled I fall on the deck.I can only surmise that Dweezil,my cat some how swollowed this frog????!!!!! The frog (or maybe toad) was about the size of 4 quaters lined up 2 and 2.Could a frog survive being swallowed and then vomited? Dweezil the cat has no ill effects promtly ate cat food after this incident.I have noticed that cats rarely bother frogs(OR Toads-what is the differance?) of which we have in abundance here in my yard.

Re: can frog survive being swallowed then vomited by a cat?

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