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Re: can frog survive being swallowed then vomited by a cat?

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Posted By: John Franklin Rawls, grad student, Developmental Biology, Washington University
Date: Thu Oct 9 13:20:51 1997
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 875835171.Zo

Hello there!

I hope Dweezil has had a full recovery. It is possible for a frog to be swallowed and then quickly vomited. The environment in Dweezil's stomach, as well as yours and the frog's, is very acidic and the digestive process would eventually have killed the frog. What probably happened is that Dweezil swallowed the frog without chewing on him too much, and then vomited the frog before the frog could suffocate or otherwise die in his stomach. The reason Dewwzil might have puked is that frogs and toads often secrete chemicals from their skin that taste very bad when predators (like cats) try to eat them. The frog may have secreted such chemicals, giving Dweezil an upset stomach and causing him to vomit.

As for the difference between frogs and toads, frogs tend to be found in moist places, because their smooth and shiny skin is very sensitive and must never dry out. They can be found on the ground, as well as in trees or otherwise off the ground. Toads are more resilient and don't have to stay moist. Their skin is more bumpy and coarse, and they are usually only found on the ground. So, if the animals in your backyard have shiny skin, live in moist places, and can climb up on things, then they are probably frogs. If they have bumpy skin and are only seen on the ground, then they are probably toads.

I hope Dweezil learned his lesson!

Bye and happy frog/toad watching!

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