MadSci FAQ: Evolution


Evolution is a hot topic today, especially in the United States, where school boards are still debating whether it should be part of their curricula. While several other internet sites give more thorough treatments to the subject, the sheer numbers of posts in our archives on the subject suggested the need for a list of frequently asked questions. To visit some of the other sites on evolution, check out our Evolution Library. Or, for more information on the fossil record, there are several excellent links in the Paleontology Library.

Why is it called the "Theory of Evolution?"
What is Science?
What is the difference between a theory and a law?
Why should I believe in evolution?
Why is there no category in your list of subjects labelled, 'Creation'?
What is the math. probability of a single living cell arising spontaneously?
What is evolution?
What definitive proof is there for the age of the earth?
If evolution is true, then.....
Darwin's theory of the origin of species - is it convincing today?
Differences with Micro and Macroevolution
What criteria unambiguously define biological evolution?
How does evolution occur?
How were the first cells formed (abiogenesis)?
Can evolution occur through preference without natural selection?
How did the process of metamorphosis evolve?
What fed young before Mammary glands evolved?
How do evolutionists explain how the eyeball evolved?
Which evolved first (how, and how long, did it work without the others)?
relationship between development of human embryo to evolution
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
In 1,000,000 years what do you think homosapians will look like?
Where do new species come from?
How to define a species?
When does adaptation become speciation?
Could Neutral genes be involved in Speciation?
How do species evolve different numbers of chromosomes? (by J.F. Rawls)
How can genetic mutations change the n chromosome number of a species? (by Steve Mack)
How many chromosomes did the ape/human common ancestor have?

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