Bread Mold

Aspergillus under a microscope "How do I grow bread mold?" and, "How does [your favorite toxic substance] affect bread mold?" are among the two most popular science fair-related questions we receive ;) If you're looking for information about bread molds, here's a good starting point.

Bread molds can cause infections! particularly in people with respiratory problems or a weakened immune system. Handle molds with care, always with gloves and in sealed containers, such as tupperware. Decontaminate surfaces or contaminated items with a solution of 10% bleach. Be certain to talk with your science teacher about their proper handling and disposal.

General information about molds:
What is mold, how does it grow, does mold grow in colors?
Do molds help human beings in any way?
Why does bread mold? and Why does mold grow on bread?

Conditions affecting the growth of molds:
Why does bread mold grow quicker in dark, wet, warm conditions?
Factor affecting mold growth.
What ingredients will slow the growth of bread molds?
Can molds grow in the absence of air?
Does salt affect mold growth on bread?
Does vibration affect the growth of molds?
Does music affect the rate of molding?

White or wheat? which bread grows molds the best?
Which type of bread molds the fastest?
Which bread grows mold faster wheat, white or sourdough?
Why doesn't mold grow on sourdough bread?
Do different types of molds grow on different types of breads?
Effects of preservatives on molds
Using 'Arnold' rye,wheat,white, which one will grow mold faster?
Does the amount of gluten in bread affect mold growth?
How does mold get into a sealed bag of bread that was never opened?
Identifying molds
How can I identify molds?
How to identify mold
What are the different types of bread mold?
What gives mold its blue-green color if there's no chlorophyll?
What makes bread mold turn different colors?
How can I identify Penicillium species?

Working with molds
How should I measure mold?
How can you measure gases produced by molding food?
How do you test for mycotoxins in bread?

Other bread mold science fair questions
Bread mold project with rhizopus spores
Science fair project about preservative and mold growth

Molds on Cheeses!
Why does mold grow on cheese?
What type of cheese grows mold the fastest?
What cheese do fungi eat?
Do bacteria make cheese rinds?
What are the different stages of mold and how do they occur on cheeses?

Mold on other kinds of foods.
Why did mold grow faster on my orange that bread and cheese?
Which food will grow bacteria [mold] the best?
How does temperature affect the mold growth in the 5 differentfood groups?

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