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In our excursions around the web we have come across more than a few exemplary sites that are not only educational, but fun and interactive. We list sites specifically dedicated to science education and the development of science fair projects. Links are also organized relative to specific branches of science such as chemistry and physics. Within each page sites have been organized into five groups.
  1. Sites with interesting and useful online information.
  2. Other Ask-A-Scientist services fielding questions in the area.
  3. Sites discussing careers in the particular field.
  4. Links to WWW Virtual Libraries on the subject.
  5. Relevant USENET groups. If you don't know what USENET is, read more about it.

If you're in search of information on a specific topic, we describe how to locate information on the WWW using the many available (and free) search engines. These searches are quick and easy to do, and can provide you with many sites that have useful information.

Off the Shelf

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