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The following MadSci FAQs organize answers to some commonly asked questions. What we list below represents only a few completed FAQ lists. If you don't find what you're looking for, try our search engine, the MadSci Circumnavigator which provides browsing and search functions, or the MadSci Library which provides links to a number of useful science sites.

General FAQs

Commonly asked questions of MadSci
THE most common question: Why is the sky blue?
Some more philosophical discussions about Life.
Answers to a few of the more bizarre questions we have received.

Careers in science
What is it like to be a scientist?
Why did I decide to become a scientist?

The Body
The gastrointestinal tract: stomach, intestines, digestion..
Body fluids: Regurgitation (vomiting/throwing up)
The heart and circulatory system
The lungs
Blood types
Hiccups, sneezing and yawning..

Questions concerning CAFFEINE!
Effects of caffeine on people.
Effects of caffeine on plants.
Effects of caffeine on Daphnia.

Questions concerning Colors
"What is light?"
"What is color?"
"What are the colors of the rainbow?"
"What gives things their colors?"
"How do we perceive colors?"

The Earth!
Basic questions about the earth
Continental drift, plate tectonics and seafloor spreading
Reversals of the earth's magnetic poles

Engineering Questions
Car engines and fuels

Questions about Evolution
"Why is it called the "Theory of Evolution?"
"What is evolution?"
"How does evolution occur"
"Where do new species come from?"

Distingishing between perpetual motion and Perpetual Motion Machines
Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion Machines

Science-Fair related FAQs

Anthocyanins Prevalent plant pigments useful for:
Easy to extract pH indicators
Pigment chromatography

Growing bacteria
Isolating bacteria from different sources
Specific bacterial species, including E. coli, streptococci, and microbes found in deep sea thermal vents.
Normal Flora Questions concerning your own personal ecosystem.

Bread Molds

Questions concerning Catalase
Catalase Enzymatics
Catalase Applications
Catalase in Various Organisms

Questions about the water-flea Daphnia

Dan Berger's Food Batteries FAQ!

Questions about Nail Polish

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